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Branch Fittings

Types of Branch Fittings Branch Fittings (otherwise called Olet pipe fittings or Outlet fittings) will be fittings that give an outlet from a bigger pipe to a smaller one (or one of a similar size). Making a branch connection in…

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Weldolet Fitting

Weldolet Fitting Branch fittings are forged products with high strength and clear cost advantages over conventional pipe branching techniques. Weldolet is the most common of all branch connections and is welded onto the outlet pipe. It is designed to minimize…

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Elbolet Elbow Outlets ( elbolet) allow for a branched pipe to extend an elbow run. Elbolet is one of the types of “Olets” branch fittings that are provided to various industries. MSS-SP 97 is the key specification covering reinforced branch…

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Sockolet Fitting

Sockolet MSS-SP 97 A Sockolet is mainly used for the reinforcing pipe fittings connected by the branch pipe. MSS-SP 97 is the key specification covering reinforced branch fittings. And the common types are Weldolet, Threadolet, Latrolet, Elbolet, Nipolet, Sweepolet, etc.…

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Latrolet Fitting Latrolet is widely used abroad in recent years, It is used to connect the reinforced fittings. As it is reliable, cheap, simple, good for flow, seriation, standardization, and choose easily. The body of outlets is made in excellent…

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Threadolet Fittings

Threadolet 1. What is a threadolet? Threadolet fittings is a kind of self-reinforced branch connection pipe fitting. A threadolet is used for low-pressure 90-degree pipe branches. It has a female threaded connection, and the branched pipe is screwed on the…

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