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A234 wpb Butt Weld Reducing Tee

Butt Weld Reducing Tee

Butt Weld Reducing Tee Butt Weld Reducing tee (Reducer Tee): The branch diameter is smaller than the main diameter. The reducing tee allows for a permanent connection of three separate tubes of varying sizes. 1. Butt Weld Reducing Tee Specification…

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Butt Weld Straight Tee

Butt Weld Straight Tee Buttweld tees are manufactured according to ASME B16.9 (carbon and alloy) and MSS SP 43 (stainless steel and nickel alloy). Butt Weld Straight Tee: three branches of tee have the same diameters. Also named Equal Tee.…

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asme b 16.9 180 degree long radius elbow manufacturer

Long Radius 180 Degree Elbow

Butt Weld Long Radius 180 Degree Elbow 180 degree elbows are one of the most common types of elbows in piping. They are used to construct heating coils, vents on tanks etc. Long Radius 180 Degree Elbow provides minimum pressure…

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Long Radius Reducing Elbow

Butt Weld Long Radius Reducing Elbow Reducing elbows are a pipe connector with an inlet and an outlet in two different bore sizes. Only long radius reducing elbows are available. They are sparingly used where there is a space constraint.…

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Butt weld 45 degree elbow CS exporter

Butt Weld 45 Degree Elbow

Butt Weld 45 Degree Elbow A butt weld 45 degree elbow is a pipe fitting that is attached to two pieces of pipe to allow a change in direction. It is used for 45 degree turn piping in the butt…

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90 Degree Short Radius Elbow

90 Degree Short Radius Elbow 90 degree elbows are manufactured as SR (Short Radius) elbows and LR (Long Radius) elbows. 90 Degree Short Radius Elbow is generally used in tight areas. They are available only at 90 degrees but they…

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Long Radius 90 Degree Elbow

90 Degree Long Radius Elbow An elbow is a pipe fitting that is used as a connection point between two lengths of pipes to produce a change in the direction of flow in the pipe, usually at an angle of…

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Butt Weld Fittings

Butt Weld Fittings / Steel Fittings Butt welding is the most preferred method to join pipe connections. Advantages of utilizing Butt Weld fittings are lower cost, less maintenance and they are stronger than threaded joints. Welded connection offers a more…

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Stainless Steel Butt Weld Fittings

Stainless Steel Butt Weld Fittings A butt weld pipe fitting is designed to be welded on-site at its ends to connect pipes together and allow a change in direction or pipe diameter, or branching or ending. Stainless steel butt weld…

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Steel Lateral Tee

Lateral Tee Steel Lateral Tee Manufacturer, ASME B16.9 Butt weld Lateral Tee Supplier, ASME B16.11 Socket Weld Lateral Tee & Threaded Lateral Tee Exporter, MSS-SP97 Latrolet Branch Fittings Manufacturer. Our lateral tee pipe fittings are available in all sizes and…

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