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Steel Pipe Coupling

Pipe Coupling is a very short length of pipe or tube. It has socket or female pipe threads at one or both ends. Steel Pipe Couplings are pipe fittings that help to extend or terminate pipe runs. These fittings are widely used pipe couplings in the piping and plumbing industry.

Steel Pipe Coupling Types

1. Full Coupling, Half Coupling & Reducing coupling

A pipe coupling can be increased or reduced in internal diameter to join different sized pipes. According to the shape and length, there are full coupling half coupling, and reducing coupling.

Full Coupling, Half Coupling & Reducing coupling

Full Coupling

Full Couplings join two pieces of pipe together.

Half Coupling

Half Couplings fit on the end of one piece of pipe and the other side of the coupling acts as a branch connection to join into an equal or larger size pipe.

Reducing Coupling

Reducing coupling is used to connect pipes of dissimilar diameters.

2. Threaded Coupling & Socket Weld Coupling

Pipe Coupling has socket or female pipe threads at one or both ends. According to the connection end, there are threaded coupling and socket weld coupling.

steel Pipe Coupling-Threaded Coupling & Socket Weld Coupling

Threaded Coupling, also called as screwed coupling. They have thread at one or both ends that allows two steel pipes or tubes to be joined. The common thread types are NPT, BSPP and BSPT.

Dimensions–Socket weld couplings and half couplings 3000 & 6000 lbs according to ASME B16.11

Steel Pipe Coupling Materials

Pipe couplings are made of various materials and the buyers should always consider the materials. Common materials used for couplings are carbon steel coupling and stainless steel coupling.

Carbon steel couplings are manufactured following standard ASME B16.11 and the material standard for carbon steel pipe coupling is ASTM A105.

Stainless steel couplings, also follow ASME B16.11 and the material standard for stainless steel pipe coupling is ASTM A182, grades in F304/L or 316/L.

Full Coupling VS Half Coupling

Full coupling has both ends of threaded or socket welded connection;
Half coupling is only threaded or socket weld at one end, and the other end is welded type.

Steel Pipe Coupling Supply Ranges

Dimensions: 1/4”, 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”, 1 1/2”, 2”, 3”, 4”
Standard: ASME B16.11, BS3799, JIS B2316
Coupling Types: Full Coupling, Half Coupling
Pressure Ratings: 3000#, 6000#, 9000#
Connection Types: Socket Weld, Threaded Coupling(NPT & BSP).

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